January 12, 2017 at 03:27AM

Rather than refusing entry to Andrei Lugovoi, Dmitry Kovtun and others on the Magnitsky list (Litvinenko ‘poisoners’ on banned Russian list, 11 January), western immigration officers should be waiting to welcome them – and hand them straight to the police for prosecution under the principles of universal jurisdiction.
Michael Ellman (solicitor)

“My job isn’t to have views. My job is to make sure we do the right thing,” says Amanda Spielman, the new chief inspector of schools (Interview, 10 January). How strange; I always thought there was an intimate relationship between the two, particularly in the field of education.
Gus Pennington
Stokesley, North Yorkshire

My mother was also told that breastfeeding acted as a contraceptive (Letters, 10 January) and my brother (13 months older than me) was still being breastfed some time after I came along – 67 years later he’s still bigger than me too.
Richard Webb

If so is the new well (Letters, 12 January), is yadda yadda yadda (Suzanne Moore and Hadley Freeman among others in the past week) the new blah blah blah, and was that the old rhubarb rhubarb rhubarb?
Ian Thomson
Exmouth, Devon

I am delighted you name-checked my father’s cousin, Leslie Perowne, in your glorious reminiscences about Desert Island Discs at 75 (7 January). It’s still sadly rare that the “back office” stalwarts of the BBC, who keep the shows on the road, get a mention.
Sue Lloyd

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