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Month: March 2017

Global warming in education: Why Schleicher is wrong

As we all know – well, most of us – the climate is changing as a result of human behaviour. Maybe we could do something about it, but it won’t be painless. It would involve those of us living the developed world giving up some of the conveniences we take for granted. If we don’t The post Global warming in education: Why Schleicher is wrong appeared first on David Didau: The Learning Spy....

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GCSE Grading Goes Ga-Ga.

Today Justine Greening wrote this letter in which she explains that she wanted to give everyone more certainty about the value of the new GCSE Grade 4.  Whereas previously – outrageously – Nicky Morgan had decreed that only Grades 5-9 would be regarded as ‘Good GCSEs’, Grade 4 will now be considered a Pass.  Hooray.  I’ve … Continue reading...

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Can a curriculum ever be balanced?

One does not have to look too hard to find examples of where curriculum selection was designed to indoctrinate. The most obvious cases are the totalitarian states of the twentieth century where children in, say, 1930s Germany or the USSR were taught curricula that were designed to advance a specific view of the human past....

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