The pernicious nature of learning styles means that this idea is one of the most widely propagated educational myths. It is one that refuses to dissipate despite the mountains of evidence that they have no impact on individual learning. I was reminded of this during a course I recently attended where there was a section dedicated to ‘Learning Styles’ and how their consideration should be a part of your planning.  The instructor was open about the fact the efficacy of learning styles is disputed. That did seem to suggest there is some legitimacy to the idea. When I pointed out that Learning Styles had been thoroughly debunked there were calls for more reading about this. So below is a list of articles by people who write far more eloquently and with far more knowledge about the research that has debunked Learning Styles.

The Biggest Myth in Education – A 14m video debunking this myth and a good place to start.

Busting the Myth of Learning Styles – Tech & Learning Magazine (Good layman introduction)

FAQ with Daniel Willingham – A renowned Cognitive Scientist illustrates why learning styles are a fallacy.

Learning Styles – the myth persists. – The British Psychological Society

Enough with ‘learning styles’ already! – Scientific American

There is a plethora of information out there if you would to read more, but these four articles will give you a good grounding in the evidence why learning styles should not be a consideration when you are planning your educational program.