About the blog

My blogs have long been neglected mainly on account of a lack of time. Teaching and studying have taken up the majority of my time and consequently, my blogs have been silent for a long while.
Originally, This blog was an automated reposting blog with articles from sources I thought worthy, from people who I admired or from sources that I thought were trustworthy. However, at some point the engine I used to curate these articles became unwieldy and I let it slide.
As I am not currently studying, taking a hiatus from my studies and interestingly, I find I miss writing and have some time to give my blog some attention.

About Me

Mr GallowayWhen you get to a certain age, there is a lot that could be said when writing about a piece yourself, however, in the spirit of brevity here are the headlines. (In no particular order, with the exception of the first.)
  • I am a husband and a father to our son.
  • I have taught all over the world in different schools, both public and private, across the primary age range.
  • Since initially qualifying last century… there have been about 14 years when I wasn’t teaching – worked on Cruise ships / then ran our own photography business in Canada.
  • Returned to full time teaching about 6 years ago having requalified in Canada.
  • Recently, successfully completed the “Into Headship” Course through the University of Aberdeen.
  • Currently teaching a P6/7 class and am Principal Teacher (Acting) at Aboyne Primary School.
  • I am actively looking for a permanent promoted post – which is hard as I really love being part of the Aboyne Primary School family.