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Month: January 2017

Term-time holiday ban would criminalise parents, supreme court told

But government lawyers argue parents should not be allowed to take children from school ‘when the sun is out’ Parents will be criminalised on an unprecedented scale if judges reverse an earlier ruling that overturned a ban on term-time holidays, the supreme court has been told. Lawyers representing Jon Platt, who was fined after taking his daughter out of school for a week, argued that, with more than 4m days of unauthorised absence in England’s state schools each year, reversing the earlier ruling would criminalise parents. Continue...

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Turning a tanker – in a perfect storm.

School improvement is a complicated business.  And improving a large comprehensive is almost a totally different process to establishing a new school (I’ve done both).  A high proportion of the mega-success stories we hear about are from new schools or schools that have closed and re-opened: they set up the curriculum from scratch, hire the … Continue reading...

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From ‘overlearning’ to going barefoot: how to learn better

Forget practising for hours on end or cramming the night before an exam. Here are some pointers to help you get top results The old saying, “If at first you don’t succeed: try, try again”, might need rewriting. Because, according to new research, even if you do succeed, you should still try, try again. “Overlearning”, scientists say, could be the key to remembering what you have learned. In a study of 183 volunteers, participants were asked to spot the orientation of a pattern in an image. It is a task that took eight 20-minute rounds of training to master. Some volunteers, however, were asked to carry on for a further 16 20-minute blocks to “overlearn” before being moved on to another task. When tested the next day, they had retained the ability better than those who had mastered it and then stopped learning. Continue...

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