January 1, 2017 at 11:42PM

Here are the 10 most viewed posts of last year. Only half of them were actually written last year and some of them are several years old. I reckon this must in part be due to the fact that there are so many links to some of my older posts knocking around on t’internet and so, because my views have changed, I’ve taken the opportunity to rewrite some of them fairly extensively. I wonder if you can guess which ones?

10. 5 things every new (secondary) teacher should know about reading (August 2016)

Bottom sets and the scourge of low-level disruption (November 2016)

8. Is growth mindset pseudoscience? (October 2015)

7. Five things every new teacher needs to know about behaviour management (August 2016)

6. How to observe a lesson (October 2016)

5. Work scrutiny – What’s the point of marking books? (January 2013)

4. What are ‘thinking skills’ and can we teach them? (November 2016)

3. What is good behaviour? (January 2012)

2. Slow Writing: how slowing down can improve your writing (May 2012)

1. Why do so many teachers leave teaching? (February 2013) Remarkably, this post now has 240 comments and has been viewed over 100,000 times.

For more discerning readers, here are the posts I most enjoyed writing last year and those other people wrote that I most enjoyed reading.

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