January 7, 2017 at 06:01PM

The government’s plan to open new grammar schools is a key policy of Theresa May’s new “shared society”, the education secretary has said.

Justine Greening told the Andrew Marr show this morning that her department’s approach to expanding selection in England was an example of the government’s efforts to realise the prime minister’s new vision.

May has this weekend set out proposals for government intervention to stop what she called “burning injustices” happening across Britain, marking a departure from David Cameron’s idea of a “big society”.

Pressed by Marr to give a “concrete example of what is going to change” as part of the new shared society, Greening said: “We’ve already set out that we want more good school places wherever children are in the country.

“We have set out our proposals to look at introducing more grammar schools where local communities want that.”

Improving technical education and boosting apprenticeships are also a key element of the policy, Greening said.

from Schools Week http://ift.tt/2jgYasI