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The importance of reading fluency

Following on from a recent post on the folly of forcing children to read along as they are being read to, I presented my thoughts on reading fluency and the problems with ‘reading along’ at researchED’s English & MFL...

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Classroom Eye Candy 3: The Funky Science Lab

After sixteen years of teaching, high school teacher Kisaundra Harris switched to flexible seating. Her students now call her classroom a safe haven. Continue Reading →

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Global warming in education: Why Schleicher is wrong

As we all know – well, most of us – the climate is changing as a result of human behaviour. Maybe we could do something about it, but it won’t be painless. It would involve those of us living the developed world giving up some...

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GCSE Grading Goes Ga-Ga.

Today Justine Greening wrote this letter in which she explains that she wanted to give everyone more certainty about the value of the new GCSE Grade 4.  Whereas previously – outrageously – Nicky Morgan had decreed that only...

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