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Author: RMG

The curriculum as progression model

What does it mean to get better at history? One of the problems we have in answering this question is that history is an incredibly diverse discipline: there are thousands of possible things that one might legitimately study at school. In one school pupils might be learning 18th-century French history, but in the next town...

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Schools Are Not Businesses. A Message to Lord Nash.

Lord Nash, speaking at the Challenge Partnership national conference, titled his talk: ‘what is relevant in business to education?’ According to the TES, he said that: “…too often teachers have confused their individuality with their professionalism… Being a professional means embracing accountability, standardisation and consistency, although of course we want our teachers to be inspiring.” He went...

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Teachers work nearly 11 hours a day, landmark workload survey reveals

This is one of the reasons why so many people leave the profession. That sort of workload is just not sustainable year in year out, even with the summer holidays to recharge batteries.  Some eye opening facts here. “Teachers are working an average of 54.4 hours a week – nearly 11 hours per day – the government’s first comprehensive survey into workload has revealed. Primary classroom teachers and middle leaders work an average of over 55 hours, with secondary school teachers working more than 53 hours a week, the government’s long-awaited Teacher Workload survey found.” Source: Teachers work nearly 11 hours a day, landmark workload survey...

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