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Author: RMG

Some clarity on KS2 Writing moderation … but not a lot

Not for the first time, the Department has decided to issue some clarification about the writing assessment framework at Key Stage 2 (and its moderation!). For some inexplicable reason, rather than sharing this clarity in writing, it has been produced as a slowly-worded video – as if it were us that were stupid! Here’s my...

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Some videos of me talking about education

Recently, Swedish education magazine, Lärarnas Tidning interviewed me about my views on various aspects of education. For those interested in seeing me do a very poor Stewart Lee impersonation, they’ve posted a few short clips on their YouTube channel. Here they are: 1. The importance of explicit instruction 2. Why ‘grit’ doesn’t make much sense 3. Professionalism The post Some videos of me talking about education appeared first on David Didau: The Learning...

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Do we want ‘deeper learning’ classrooms?

It’s very easy to present a false dichotomy to make our own beliefs and choices seem more desirable than the alternatives. Consider this infographic from the Hewlett Foundation which has been doing the rounds: What’s being implied is that the ‘deeper learning’ classroom somehow better prepares children for being scientists in the ‘science lab’ than ‘traditional’ The post Do we want ‘deeper learning’ classrooms? appeared first on David Didau: The Learning Spy....

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Policy-informed Evidence and Evidence-informed Policy

It’s been busy at Icing on the Cake Towers of late, as I’ve been nearing the end of my forthcoming book, Data Busting for Schools. As such, I’ve had little time for blogging, and I mainly make my voice heard via Twitter at the moment. This week has seen a flurry of activity from various government bodies, think tanks and educational charities, however, as well as a very useful update from Ofsted, which provide useful insight into one of the main challenges to those se...

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