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Month: February 2017

My little children were detained because of a toy gun. Prevent has gone too far | Anonymous

I bought my five- and seven-year-old sons a toy gun in a supermarket. What happened next has changed our feelings about our place in Britain On the penultimate day of spring term 2016, my children – aged five and seven – were detained in isolation after school for nearly two hours and questioned by police officers (without the consent or presence of a parent) because of a toy gun. This was the day our family’s perception of its place in the community was turned upside down. Our lives are divided into before and after. Continue...

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At last, here are ‘White House’ tweets that offer hope | Tim Dowling

The account @RoguePOTUSStaff purports to be leaking information about Donald Trump. Authentic or not, its sorrowful tone gives it a ring of truth Now that political satire is dead, we must make some decisions about what will occupy the space in our lives it used to fill. You might just shrug and say “events”. And while it’s true that most mornings the radio news bulletin serves up as scabrous an indictment of politics as anything a writer could invent, it’s not funny like Veep. Related: National Parks Service ‘goes rogue’ in response to Trump Twitter ban Continue...

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'I don't belong here'

Iranian, Iraqi, Syrian and Pakistani students in the US react to President Donald Trump’s executive order banning people from seven countries.

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